* Colby College engagement session of Alyssa and Nick


Alyssa and Nick may have come into my life by chance when they won the 2012 Real Maine Weddings magazine $100,000 wedding giveaway (coming up in just 6 short weeks!!), a contest we have volunteered our services for, but goodness, between dress shopping and invitation browsing and even a rained-out first engagement session attempt, these two have become dear dear friends. I adore them! I want to squeeze them every time I see them! Such was the case when I recently saw them at their alma mater, Colby College, where they met. I got a little misty-eyed when they pulled up next to me in the parking lot. It had been a few weeks since I saw them and I had truly missed them!

Turns out this follow-up engagement session happened to be the 6th anniversary of their first date, so canvasing the campus in the most dreamy fall afternoon light was laced with sweet significance as they showed me meaningful places to their relationship's history (the dorm of their first kiss! The dining hall they would eat at every Sunday after mass!) and others that I spotted as we went along. It was f-u-n! As in, I felt like maybe I shouldn't have been having as much fun as I was (and kept me awake that night after I got home brainstorming countless other ideas that would have been fun had we had more time!).

Photographing within the context of a theme was such a neat look into their history as a couple. It made me wish I could have the chance to do the same with all of my couples as a way to provide them with this meaningful memory and help me learn more about them and their story. I have a feeling this won't be my last college campus (hometown/neighborhood/office, you name it!) photographic tour. Or at least I hope not!


  1. These are just extraordinary, Emilie....YOU just make each photo a masterpiece. Thank you so very much for these treasures.

  2. So fun that they went back to the campus where they met on such a special day! Knowing their story makes these moments even sweeter.


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