* Laudholm Farm at Wells Reserve wedding of Julia and Dave by Denise


photographers: Denise and Steve, emilie inc. photography 
venue: Laudholm Farm at Wells Reserve, Wells, Maine
coordination, flowers, lighting: Kate Martin, Beautiful Days
caterer, cake: Aurora Provisions
band: Unity, Murray Hill Talent
photo booth: Maine Photo Booth
make-up: Nicole Masterson, Just Bee
hair: Fringe
tent: Sperry Tents
gown: Modern Trousseau at Meredith's Bridal Boutique
transportation: Custom Coach and Limo
invitations: Mr. Boddington's Studio, NYC
honeymoon: Lake Louise, Banff Canada

Julia and Dave met through Match.com, and it seemed like there was a general understanding at their wedding that if people like them were signing up, then every single should give it a try.  Dave's friend Eric implied during his toast that Dave might be on the winning end of the deal by finding someone as fabulous as Julia via the internet.  And Julia's dad even handed out some homemade stock certificates for Match.com during his toast that had the couple's photos on them!

However they found each other, it's obvious that they were meant to be.  They both share an easygoing nature and don't take things too seriously.  Their day didn't have any feeling of stress or worry even though they had over 100 guests and the many moving parts that come with throwing a celebration of that size were present.  It was a beautiful ceremony and reception with many sweet details, but it never distracted from the reason everyone was brought together, to celebrate the love these two found with each other. 

The only thing one could possibly see was missing that day was a certain four legged part of the family named Magnolia.  She is Julia and Dave's German Shorthair Pointer that is normally not far from them.  She got to spend some time with some canine friends during the wedding but I have a feeling she would have preferred to be romping around Laudholm Farm.  So since I didn't get to see her again, give her a big pat for me, Julia and Dave!

How they met, in their own words:
We met on Match.com. And then in person at a coffee-shop in Cambridge. Aren't we too young to be on match.com you say? Well everyone else was doing it and we both said we never would, but also figured it was better than meeting people at bars in Boston.

Interestingly enough, Julia was teaching Eliza, Dave's cousin. That created a weird dynamic at first. We did not like keeping a secret from her, but after a few months of dating we figured we might last a little while longer and decided to tell her. Screams of joy and confusion and excitement were heard around JP. Those cries were recreated when Julia and Dave announced to Eliza that they were engaged.

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  1. Loved being a part of this wedding! Beautiful setting, beautiful couple, beautiful day! Always great having emilie inc pros part of the day to capture all the love!


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