Our little ring bearer


On this blog we post recent images of weddings we have photographed, giving you all an inside peek at what makes each wedding unique that we see from week to week. Shockingly, I recently attended a wedding as a guest! In San Francisco! And our little Will was the ring bearer! While we didn't photograph the events of the day, I did take a few minutes to chase Will around with my camera after the ceremony to show you what we eventually settled on for his outfit (thanks to all of you who offered advice on Facebook! Finding dressy duds for a little person was more challenging than I thought it would be!). We went with a three piece sport coat, dress shirt and khakis from Nordstrom. We found the bowtie (J wore a matching neck tie) and chucks there, too (and returned countless other options from Macys, J Crew, Gap and H&M).

It was a surreal milestone in our family's little history to see Will in this role, proudly carrying a lunchbox the groom- my uncle and Will's namesake- picked out for him to tote the rings up the aisle. He nailed it! And even contributed to a toast we gave at the reception, grabbing the microphone saying "My name is Will" as I explained to the guests how we named Will after my "cool" uncle Billy, and repeating "happy" when sharing our sentiments for the newlyweds. Definitely a story we'll be telling Will for years to come.


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