* Wentworth by the Sea Country Club wedding of Meredith and Ryan by Whitney


photographers: Whitney and J, emilie inc. photography 
venue: Wentworth by the Sea Country Club, Rye, New Hampshire
coordinator: Holly Safford, The Catered Affair
officiant: Joe Leary, Northeast Nuptials
flowers: Kathie Colella, Jardiniere Flowers
band: Boss Band, Wilson Stevens
cake: Hilary Larson, Eat Cake
videographer: Well Spun Weddings
hair/make-up: Solanista
tent: Sperry Tents
transportation: New England Auto Rental
gown: Jim Heljm
invitations: Gus & Ruby Letterpress
honeymoon: Hawaii

I met Meredith and Ryan at one of my favorite local establishments, RiRa.  I only suggested this because I knew the two had met at another Irish pub in South Boston, the Farragut House.  Conversation was easy and we all got excited discussing the details of the big day (Ryan lost his fight for seersucker suits!).  Finally, after a few questions about their past, we realized Ryan's uncle Bo Tierney was my high school teacher at Bishop Fenwick in Peabody, MA!  Mr. Tierney and his family hold a special place in my heart, so I was ecstatic to know he would be at their wedding.  I was also excited to hear that my parents' name twins would be at the wedding as well -- both my and Meredith's parents are named Candy and Jim!

The wedding was a beautiful celebration.  All of the little touches, the details were flawlessly executed by Kiersten Mayes at the Wentworth By the Sea Country Club and Holly Safford and her crew at The Catered Affair.  Meredith and Ryan's first look was sweet.  The way Ryan looks at Meredith is full of admiration and satisfaction.  Meredith's smile and laughs (for Ryan's jokes) are contagious.  These two definitely like to have a good time together and made sure all of their family and friends did at the reception with a raw bar, delicious dinner, an ice cream ice sculpture bar for dessert, and hilarious dance-offs to a killer band.  Family is important to both Meredith and Ryan, and their public acknowledgments throughout the day were touching.  Taking care of some formal photos pre-ceremony allowed us a little more time for the couple post-ceremony, when we were able to take advantage of the beautiful grounds at the Wentworth.  It was a good thing we did the photos then, because the strong winds blew in some heavy rain.  Thankfully everyone was under the tent by then, and the rain stopped by the end of the night for their sparkler exit (I will say, it was quite entertaining to watch guests at that point be handed a huge sparkler and a candle and told not to light it just yet!).  Meredith had some additional formal photos in mind, but then realized as her day went on, she just wanted to enjoy this moment with her most beloved family and friends.  I was happy she was soaking it all it, since I could be the first to tell you how fast a wedding day goes by.  A lot goes into planning a wedding day and a bride and groom must take the time to revel in the moment of their decision to commit to each other in life and love with their most cherished family and friends present to witness the occasion.  This celebration of commitment often happens only once for a couple, and while it is usually a rare opportunity to have the extended family all together and snapping that photo is important, to me all the other raw moments I am lucky to witness is what I am really there to document through photos.  Those are even more rare opportunities.

Meredith and Ryan, I could be happier for your two and your families!  I'm certain you're having a blast in Hawaii, and hope to catch up when you return!  Thanks for allowing me to document your wedding day!

How they met, in Meredith's words:
Ryan and I met in January of 2010. We were both living in South Boston and met out at a local bar on a Friday night. We struck up a conversation and as we talked we realized we had a few mutual friends. We ended up talking for the rest of the evening and actually spent all day Saturday and all day Sunday together as well. We both felt very comfortable around each other and had a lot of the same interests to talk about as we got to know each other. As the work week started we chatted online and sent text messages to each other throughout the day and made plans to get together for dinner each night of the week. Although we were spending a lot of time together for two people that had just met, we were both just so excited to be around each other. I remember telling all of my girlfriends about Ryan right at the beginning, and they could really tell how happy I was. Since then we literally have been inseparable. Ryan moved in with me just a few months later. We stayed in South Boston for another year, and then moved to Ryan’s hometown of Newburyport last September. Besides an occasional work trip or weekend away with friends, we have been by each other’s side since 2010. 

Ryan proposed on Christmas morning, 2011. The center stone of my ring was the diamond used in my Grandmother's engagement ring. It means a lot to me that I was able to keep this piece in my family. It is a beautiful diamond and I am so lucky to have it! 

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  1. Beautiful - I enjoyed every shot!
    Thanks for sending it and for taking beautiful pictures of the flowers too :)

    Kathie Colella
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