Winslow Homer Museum opening weekend by J


J and Steve recently had the pleasure of photographing the opening of the Winslow Homer Museum in Scarborough on Prouts Neck, the studio where Homer lived from 1883 until his death in 1910. Purchased in 2006 by the Portland Museum of Art, a $10 million renovation was just completed and the museum is now open for public tours. The first evening of the two day event featured tours of the museum and a formal dinner at the Black Point Inn for VIP donors and board members from near and far. The following evening featured a first look at Homer's "Weatherbeaten: Winslow Homer and Maine" exhibit now open at the Portland Museum of Art in Portland catered by Aurora Provisions. Both events were designed and coordinated by Kate Martin of Beautiful Days.

To visit the studio for yourself, make a reservation here.


* Leah and Mike marry at On the Marsh in Kennebunk by Steve


photographers: Steve and Whitney, emilie inc. photography
venue, caterer: On the Marsh Bistro, Kennebunk, Maine
officiant: Julie Draper
florist: Fleurant
cake: Gayle Forte, Let Them Eat Cake
hair: Fringe Hair Art
gown: Tracy Reese for BHLDN

Leah and Mike were married in the foggy early afternoon on October 20.  On the Marsh in Kennebunkport was especially apropos on this damp day, as the gray banks mingled with bright oranges and yellow tones of the changing seasons.  Arriving at this gorgeous but overcast scene, no one could have predicted that the clouds would part and rays of low angle sun would warm faces as guests emerged from the afternoon celebrations.

We did start the day in the thick of the fog (I would approximate the visibility at 50ft) on Mother's Beach, capturing a few images of the happy couple strolling the sand, just steps from Leah's family house.  In fact we headed over to this lovely nieghborhood home for a few family portraits before kicking it across town to the venue.

On the Marsh was decked to the hilt, and the colors of the fall popped with accents of purple (including Mikes fly socks).  Leah looked incredibly comfortable in her beautiful short dress, and killer heels.  And I am sure she was; this couple was as relaxed as they come.  Leah and Mike managed to be both warm hearted, and cool as cucumbers on this their big day.  Thanks to these great energies, shooting this wedding was positively fun.  I could not be happier to have captured the day for these great peeps, and by the time those blue skies appeared, I felt like a part of the family.

Thanks for having me, Leah and Mike, it was truly an honor and a joy!

How they met, in Leah's words:

Mike and I met at college in 2001. He knew my roommate, Amanda (bridesmaid) at the time and I asked her to introduce us. Mike and I had a rough start; I dumped beer on his head at a party and we got in a fight at the school gym. We realized that we couldn't just break-up when we graduated in 2002 and had a long distance relationship for 3 years. I lived in Maryland and he lived in New York; after I graduated from grad school in 2005 I moved to New York and we have been together ever since. We have been engaged for over two years and are excited to finally be married!!


* Wolfeboro, New Hampshire, backyard wedding of Kristen and James by Denise


photographers: Denise and Megan, emilie inc. photography
venue: bride's family home, Wolfeboro, New Hampshire
officiant: Patricia Waterman, Wolfeboro Town Clerk
coordinator, caterer: Gary McGloin, Mise En Place, Wolfeboro
transportation: Winnipesaukee Belle
flowers: Kate Parker Designs
ceremony musicians: friends
cake: Gatherings by Stellaloona
make-up: Joanne McDonough, Joya Beauty
hair: Angela Randolph, Wink Salon and Spa
tent: Sperry Tents
photo booth: Maine Snapshot Studio
gown: Anne Barge, Kleinfeld
honeymoon: Tulum, Mexico

Kristen and James had their wedding at a family home on Lake Winnipesaukee on a pretty perfect fall day.  Two tents were set up at the front of the house for dinner and dancing, and the ceremony was held at the back of the house, with chairs tucked in between a stone terrace and the dock.  Final touches were being placed on both areas when I went inside to find Kristen.

The ladies were finishing up with makeup and Kristen was relaxed, chatting and double checking she had what she needed for accessories.  Getting married at your family lake house definitely has its perks, it's so familiar and comforting, and that feeling just sort of spreads to everyone else present.  While Kristen was relaxed, I saw right away that she still had the fun energy I picked up on when we spoke on the phone last year.  She so doesn't take herself too seriously, and is always cracking jokes and keeping things light.  Kristen's Dad, Jim, was circulating about making sure things were getting done and people had what they needed.  Kristen referred to him as "Captain Dad" which I thought was sweet, and fitting. 

After a first look with James we did some quick family formals then it was time for the ceremony.  Some of the guests arrived via a cruise boat called the Winnipesaukee Belle and docked right at the house!  I had never seen this before as a form of guest transportation and it was a fantastic idea.  And although it was a beautiful fall day, it was a bit blustery and chilly so everyone came prepared with scarves and mittens.  The ceremony was held right on the dock and included a beautiful song performed by two friends and touching vows.  Kristen had her hands in the pockets of her dress much of the time because it was not exactly warm enough to be wearing a strapless dress by the water but hey, she really loved those pockets so why not use them. 

We snuck away for some portraits and Kristen and James had some time to themselves to walk up the driveway and along the road where the trees had begun turning.  They really complement each other, these two.  Kristen's gregarious, extroverted personality is balanced with James' quieter nature and dry sense of humor.  We had a fun time with their portraits and then headed back to the party where their guests were warming up in the tents and enjoying cocktail hour. 

Rather than have a seated dinner, this couple chose to have more of a mingling atmosphere with buffet stations, so guests circulated between both tents for the rest of the evening.  Their coordinator, Gary McGloin, and Kristen's father had a little surprise planned as well.  Gary, a total renaissance man who catered the affair and is a friend of the family, also has an amazing singing voice.  So for the father daughter dance he sang a Harry Belafonte song for them to sway along to.  The rest of the music for the evening was from a great playlist on a laptop, but this little moment of live singing was really special.

Kristen and James danced the night away with their friends and family, and the scarves and mittens came off, perhaps helped along with some free flowing wine that may or may not have been passed around the dance floor by the bottle.  As I got ready to leave with Megan, I went to say goodbye to Kristen and she said I might want to stay for one more song because "My Dad realllly loves Lady Gaga."  And boy does he.  As soon as the song came on he stopped in his tracks, turned, and headed for the dance floor.  He went from a scarf wrapped around his head to a tie, and went boogieing along from guest to guest.  It was such a fun way to end the night shooting. 

Kristen & James, it was a total joy to be there and I know every time you come back to the lake house you'll be reminded of your amazing day. 

How they met, in their own words:
We met through mutual friends in 2004. We were friends for 5 years, became very close and had our first kiss on New Years Eve 2009 into 2010. We had our first date two days later, and have been together ever since. :)

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