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If you haven't seen me lately or we aren't yet Facebook friends then it may come as a surprise to you to learn that I'm pregnant! Again? Yup! Halfway through, in fact, and we recently learned the gender of our growing little luvbug. My ultrasound appointment was in the wee hours of the morning while Will was still asleep, so armed with some well wishes from home and the support of a friend by my side, I braved that scary 20-week scan without the rest of my family after a fitful night's sleep (Will he/she have 10 fingers and 10 toes? Will he/she be a he or a she?!).

I brought a piece of paper, an envelope, a red crayon (couldn't find pink on my way out the door) and an aqua crayon (again, couldn't find dark blue). As we got started, I explained to the tech that I didn't want to know the gender, but could she write it down with the appropriate crayon so that my toddler could tell us the color later. Sure, she said, and away we went probing and peeking at this amazing little life.

I held on to that sealed envelope until J got home from work for dinner. We handed Will the envelope and asked him to open it and tell us what color he saw inside. Below is what happened next.


Now, like you, we were wondering, wait, Is it really a girl? given the tech's apparent misunderstanding of my request. I am going back for a follow-up ultrasound this week because the little sweetie was breach and they need a better look at a few things. You can be certain I'll be confirming the gender!

Our due date is February 25th, the month after Will's second birthday. We couldn't be more fortunate (again!) with the timing so as to not interfere with wedding season and are so looking forward to snuggling with a newborn indoors this winter!!

Here's an iPhone video of the reveal. Please ignore my embarrassing squeals.

Girl or boy? from emilie inc. on Vimeo.

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  1. Anonymous10:34 PM

    He is so incredibly handsome and cute and crazy smart:) -- so thrilled for all 3 of you (and soon to be 4!)


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