* Fall Peaks Island wedding of Kelly and Brian at the Inn on Peaks by Denise


photographers: Denise and Steve, emilie inc. photography
ceremony: Desi Larson, Brackett Memorial United Methodist Church
reception, caterer: Inn on Peaks, Peaks Island, Maine
flowers: Little River Flower Farm, Buxton, Maine
cake: Two Fat Cats Bakery, Portland
gown: David Tutera for Mon Cheri at The Exquisite Bride, Murrysville, PA
honeymoon: New Hampshire's White Mountains

Kelly and Brian had an intimate ceremony and reception on Peaks Island, which had decidedly different weather conditions from nearby Portland that day.  When Steve and I boarded the ferry it was clear and chilly, a typical fall day in Maine.  As we approached the island I noticed some fog lingering by the terminal but nothing too serious.  As we came closer it seemed to intensify and lent a sort of dreamy quality to our approach and unloading from the boat.

Kelly was busy getting ready at the Inn on Peaks with her mother, aunt, and sisters (and new nephew who was snoozing nearby).  After some last minute hair changes Kelly applied her own makeup, got into her dress, and rode with her father in his Maserati over to the Brackett Memorial United Methodist Church.  Brian was eagerly awaiting her arrival and commencement of the ceremony, with his father serving as his best man.  A warm yellow light was streaming through the stained glass as Kelly walked up the aisle with her father and Brian beamed.  These two reminded me of two teenagers who are head over heels for each other, even though they have been together for years. 

As we came out of the church I noticed that it seemed a bit foggier than when we came in and took note as we were headed out to do portraits after doing some family formals on the lawn.  The church is on top of a small hill, however, which was just high enough to keep us out of the fog and deceive me into thinking we'd still have a view of the water for those portraits. It became apparent as we drove to the other side of the island that the fog had rolled in fast and thick.  It definitely lent a certain Maine-y island feeling to the images, but I think we were all a little surprised at just how socked in the island had become. 

We went on and made a special stop to include Kelly and Brian's dog, Sammy, in some photos.  He was sooooo excited to see them (mostly his mom) and seemed rather confused that he didn't get to come along with us when we headed back out. 

Back at the inn their guests were enjoying cocktail hour and a cookie bar that Kelly had told me about.  It's a Pittsburgh area (where the couple lives) tradition to have a spread of cookies available for snacking on before, during, and after dinner, as well as for guests to take home.  Kelly's mother, Cheryl, made several of the treats, including some gingerbread ghosts that seemed appropriate for a wedding so close to Halloween.

These two did a lot of dancing together that night, snuggling close and looking positively blissful.  Kelly even busted out some Monster Mash and Gangnam style moves!  I said goodnight as we packed up to make the ferry back to Portland, crossing my fingers that their honeymoon in the White Mountains wouldn't be ruined by Hurricane Sandy.  The fog had rolled out while the party was rocking inside, revealing a crystal clear view of Peaks as we ferried back to the mainland. 


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