Maine gay weddings


Bundled under blankets, sipping hot tea and trying to keep my eyes open last night as the presidential election returns came in, I was equally captivated by the numbers adding up locally in support of same sex marriage in Maine.

A hot button issue for some, we proudly stand behind unions of any kind here at emilie inc., and are overjoyed at the historic decision of our state's residents to pass this important referendum. Starting in January, couples will finally have the chance to declare their love in our beautiful state regardless of sexual orientation.

Go, Maine!

I imagine Will will be baffled one day to learn that marriage was once only permitted between a woman and a man, reminiscent to how I felt when my mother told me years ago that when she was a little girl she was told not to make eye contact with African Americans. That story prompted me to go on and minor in African American Studies in college, a deep-rooted desire to effect change.

We've all come a long way, and now with the first openly gay woman and the first disabled woman veteran in the US Congress, boy, the progress we are finally making as a country is inspiring. I'm so very proud. Congratulations to us all.


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