early morning beach walk


Everyone knows that going to the beach in Maine during the summer is sublime.  That's why so many people come here and enjoy peering into tide pools, digging their toes into the sand, and being lulled by the crash of the waves.  But for those of us that live here year round, we know that the winter brings a chance to have all of that practically to ourselves.  It is a different experience to arrive at the beach and look out across the sand and see only one or two people- and dogs- dotting the landscape.

I woke up early on a recent morning and had an immediate idea in my head: go to the beach.  It was chilly and still dark, but I just felt the need to go.  So my husband, Jon, and I took our Shepherd Collie mix, Louise, to Higgins Beach in Scarborough.  There were only two other people there when we arrived and the water was calm.  Louise trotted along, stopping to sniff driftwood and seaweed that had washed onshore.  The sun had risen on our drive but was still casting an intense, warm light across the sand.

We strolled along talking about how much fun Louise was having, how surprisingly light the winds were, and the bakery we'd stop at after for steaming cups of coffee and delicious bagels (Scratch Baking Co. in South Portland is soooo good).

On our way back we saw more people, and many more dogs, and were glad to have enjoyed the tranquility of the earlier hour.  But, I know that at beaches across Maine, we locals will have the pleasure of quiet visits like these for many months to come. 

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