Jaime and AJ's farm portraits in Center Conway, New Hampshire


Horses? Yes, please. Cute pups? Yes again. A portrait session with both and their adoring owners, sign me up!

I got to spend an afternoon with Jaime and AJ (Emilie shot their MDI wedding in 2010) recently at their home in New Hampshire, which has an amazing view of the White Mountains.  They have three horses and two super friendly dogs who have the run of the place.

Early on we headed out to the pasture with halters to round up the horses in hopes of getting a shot of them, the dogs, and Jaime and AJ altogether.  At first I didn't think it would be too hard, but one of the horses thought he should let the others know who was boss by periodically pinning his ears back and attempting a kick. So, we got them separated enough to avoid any injuries, but by then the two dogs were bored and resumed their running about.  We did our best to corral them all into one frame, laughing at their antics as I tried to direct both humans and pets into some semblance of a family portrait.

We then led the horses up to the beautiful new barn that the couple designed and had built in the past couple of years (I was drooling).  It might be because I'm a horse person, but there is just something special about barn light.  I could have shot the rest of this session in there, the horses hanging their heads over the stalls, dropping pieces of hay as they snacked, the silhouettes of Jaime and AJ as they strolled through giving pats on soft muzzles, dogs snoozing in the long rays of afternoon sunlight. We did manage to get outside and the couple even tacked up and hopped on for a quick ride around the property.

There are times when I realize just how lucky I am to have the life I do, and this was one of those times.  I was surrounded by a view of the mountains on a warm fall day, with two charming people riding their beloved horses, hooves clip clopping down the drive, a couple of dogs keeping us company, and a camera in hand.

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