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Here you go, friends, our newly redesigned blog is live!

Tired of our previous cluttered landscape, I craved a platform to showcase our work and each of our photographers' individual voices more clearly. Fresh and refined, this simple design better reflects our clean aesthetic and contemporary brand, something you will see on our website redesign set to launch within mere days, too!

I have been blogging since 2005, back in the dinosaur ages it seems! Back then it wasn't such a common practice for photographers to share work so quickly and openly, and also include as much personal content but I am SO happy I did and have stuck with it consistently. Our blog is the center of our company community, an invaluable resource and our most successful avenue for attracting and updating our client base. A lot of the personal posts have been cut back given the rise of sharing on Facebook and Twitter, however, tho we adore social media for getting to know all of YOU, too!

Let me walk you around the new digs. At the top of the page you will notice a few headers, menus to help you navigate the site easily.
• About is well, self-explanatory. :) A little intro to us for those who stumble upon the blog from an internet search.
• Under the photographers tab you will find each of our photographers listed. Click on their name and you will be taken to a thread of all of that person's posts and work, helpful for couples trying to determine which photographer they might want to hire!
• The categories drop-down is a list of all of the other posts that have been tagged with a category.
• If you click on the website link, you will be taken over to emilieinc.com in a new window.
• Remember seeing a post about why you should consider adding a second photographer or want more information on our photo booth? Use the search feature at the top right of the blog to type in key words and find what you are looking for quickly.
• Click on the social sharing icons to engage with us, or click on the letter icon to send us a quick email.

The body of the blog will feature posts about our work as usual, including content written by each photographer, larger images, the ability to comment and share individual images to Pinterest or the entire post to Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest.

At the bottom of the site you will find the blog archive, our RSS feed, a link to sign-up for our newsletter, and further contact information.

Sweet and simple, right? It wasn't exactly a piece of cake to get it this way, surprisingly, as the ability to customize a Blogger blog is much more complex than the more friendly Wordpress platform. It was important, however, for our lengthy history that we keep the blog parked as is and not migrate to a new platform. Many thanks to programmer Steve Benoit of Studio Number Nine and our designer Alina for their diligent efforts. Your time and talent is much appreciated!

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  1. I love the new look and layout of the blog!!!


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