10 years of wedding photography: my first wedding


2013 will be a year of significant changes, most notably we're expanding our family by one more as you know (three weeks to go!). But as I look forward, I'm also amazed to look back as this is the 10th anniversary year of my wedding photography business. 10 years!

I remember hearing a statistic at my college graduation that the average person will have seven different jobs as an adult. Part of me thought that didn't seem like much at all, and the other part thought that was a lot of moving around, likely because my parents worked for the same companies for my entire childhood.

Alas, here I am. I've had three jobs since college graduation: USA Today, the Washington Post, and my own photography business. I consider myself very fortunate and am also aware of the many different changes that have happened within the business since I started it as Emilie Sommer Photography when I was still living in Washington, DC.

As an escape from the every day hard news of city living (9/11, DC sniper attacks, hustling to Capitol Hill briefings and White House press conferences), I picked up a few weddings on the weekends after (ironically!) photographing my cousin's wedding on the coast of Maine in 2001 and enjoying it so much. A few friends' weddings followed and after realizing it was something that could stick, I legally set up my business and started advertising.

The first couple to officially book were well aware of their special position and boy, was I nervous but oh-so excited. I can still remember that drive to the Virginia countryside outside DC for Dawn and Erich's beautiful summer celebration. Taking a peek through their images now I'm proud to see my style of shooting really hasn't changed. My equipment surely has gotten better. But the core of the body of work produced that day was and still is about storytelling through and through. I include more scenic and detail photos when I photograph today, but those things were not an assumed part of wedding photography 10 years ago.

As a nod to where I've been and where I'm going, I'm sharing with you a few images from that first official wedding. Happy 10th, Dawn and Erich! And to the hundreds of weddings that have followed since, thank you so much for trusting me to capture such a momentous time in your lives. I still get a kick out of it and don't anticipate my post-graduation job figure to be changing anytime soon. Lucky me.

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  1. So cool to hear your story! It's inspiring to me as a photographer and fun to learn that we lived near DC around the same time- I'm from Virginia. Keep up the awesome work! We love our photos :)!


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