Alyssa and Nick wedding weekend: spa day and rehearsal


The morning before the wedding I met up with Alyssa, her bridesmaids and the moms for a little pampering at the Regency Hotel's spa. Alyssa stayed in one of the plush new suites at the Regency so easily popped down in time for her treatment, coffee in hand. I was so happy to see the blushing bride, my first time since the wedding festivities kicked off the night before. Hugs all around! Photographically there wasn't too much to capture since the ladies were mostly occupied behind individually closed rooms, but in between we comfortably gathered on couches to catch up. The anticipation for the wedding day was running high with a giddy excitement recounting the last several months of preparation and truly how fast it had all gone since the press conference on April 1st!

Later, we reconvened at Grace Restaurant for a rehearsal for their wedding. I loved watching Alyssa and Nick walk through the motions, the reality of their wedding day so very real. They have a tremendous support network of friends and family, everyone lending a hand, offering advice and keeping the tone light and festive. Once everyone felt pretty comfortable with the sequence of events for the wedding ceremony, the group traveled back to the Regency once again for a formal rehearsal dinner peppered with sweet toasts, roasts, hugs and last minute plans for the next day. Everyone retreated to their hotel suite at the Holiday Inn by the Bay for a low key evening as things were scheduled to kick off early the next day. Wahoo!

photographers: spa day- Emilie; rehearsal- Emilie, Whitney, Denise; rehearsal dinner- Denise and Steve, emilie inc. photography  coordinator and flowers: Amber Small, Sweetest Thing Weddings • spa day: Portland Regency Hotel spa • rehearsal: Grace Restaurant, Portland, Maine • rehearsal dinner: Regency Hotel, Portland, Maine • buckets and favor wine totes: Sea Bags

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