Lexie and David's intimate Maine winter wedding at French's Point


While it was cccccccold outdoors, the warmth between David and Lexie was delightful. That is pretty cheesy, but true! In the short time that David and Lexie have been together, they have faced down David's diagnosis with leukemia and a stem cell transplant. This experience has had obvious effects on the couple; their love was apparent in their warm embraces and glances throughout my time with them.

Lexie's adventurous side talked David into heading outdoors for some portraits in the bitter cold. French's Point Estate is magical with a foot of snow on the ground and an ocean as a backdrop, so I was glad for her persuasiveness. We did some quick portraits close to the building so we could run back in to warm up and then ventured out to the gazebo. The evening then moved to the Beach Rose Farmhouse for dinner by the fire with their friends.

David and Lexie's intimate wedding was something that came about because they both realized how precious life is and wanted to make sure to be able to show their love and commitment to each other. I'm proud of the staff of French's Point for stepping up for the couple and glad that I was able to be part of their journey. I wish them both years of health and happiness.

How they met, in Lexie's words:

I am originally from Washington state and was working as a traveling nurse in MA when I met David. We happened to meet online and initially I was a little hesitant about talking with him but after reading through his online profile I decided to we had so much in common that I needed to. The first night we spoke on the phone we talked for 4 hours. We spent the next week on the phone for 4 hours every night and then David asked me to cancel a date I had with someone else and go out with him instead. I’m so happy I did! On our first date, we spent so much time talking that we hardly ate dinner and then continued talking long enough for his car battery to die. :) Our second date was amazing. We went skiing (David is an excellent skier and I’m, well ... not) but he enjoyed watching me fall down and I still had a blast. We really hit it off and spent as much time as we possibly could together. In July of this past year, David was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia (AML) and has since undergone 2 rounds of induction chemo which thankfully put him into remission. Then we found out his brother was a match for him and he had a stem cell transplant in October. Throughout this whole journey we have grown so much emotionally and spiritually together. We are thankfully for this past year even through all the tough times.  

I decided that David was the man for me fairly early off in our relationship. He is very funny, smart and caring. He is an amazing father and is very strong.  He is responsible and has a great work ethic and most importantly he is a man of God. David and I joke that we are the same person just a different gender :) because we have so much in common. I love him so incredibly much and feel blessed and lucky that I get to spend the rest of my life with him!

From David:

I am originally from Dallas but I have lived in New Hampshire since last November.  I met Lexie online and we hit it off immediately.  I fell in love with Lexie almost right away and my love for her has only grown.  I have come to love her even more since my sickness because she has stood by me through it all.  She is an amazing woman and I love her so much. She is going to be a great stepmom and my perfect partner for life. She makes me a better person and I want to spend the rest of my life with her.

About their wedding:

David and I were planning on having a typical wedding but due to his health concerns and our families being so far away we decided to have a very small, intimate wedding with two of our close friends. I had been looking for a small way for us to celebrate and was searching for elopement packages when I stumbled across French's Point. I contacted Jessika to find out some more information and was absolutely shocked at how generous and amazing she was. She and Sarah helped us have a spectacular day! They let us stay at the Beach Rose Farm and contacted multiple vendors to help us create our special day. We can't thank everyone enough Jessika and Sarah from French's Point, J from Emilie inc, Captain Kenneth Barnes, Judy from Flora Fauna, Lindsey from Let them Eat Cake and Gay from the Good Kettle. They all showed so much compassion and generosity that it truly touched our hearts. We will always remember our wedding day and everyone who helped make it so special!

photographer: Jason, emilie inc. photography  venue: French's Point, Stockton Springs, Maine • officiant: Capt. Kenneth Barnes caterer: Good Kettle at Beach Rose Farmhouse, Stockton Springs, Maine • florist: Judy Bourgeois, Flora Fauna Weddings  cake: Let Them Eat Cake, Kennebunk

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