baby Arlo newborn portrait session


Our in-house designer Alina recently gave birth to little Arlo Knox, and 10 days later I was the lucky one to photograph this sweet little guy on the eve of last week's blizzard.

When I arrived at his home in New Hampshire, daddy Brian was diligently building a shelter for the generator as they often lose power. Alina was inside watching over him as Arlo napped in their bedroom. After a quick tour of their home, Alina brought me in to see Mr. Arlo. He woke up shortly after that and was happy and curious for the next couple of hours while I was there. He studied me and my camera with his eyes, seemingly aware that something and someone was trying to document a few moments of his first week-and-a-half of life. I was just as observant. Amazed at his little wrinkly skin (Alina pointed out his forehead wrinkles are only above his left eye!) with a thin layer of the softest looking hairs- baby fuzz. Wowed at his tiny fingernails and toenails that are still hardening. Amused by his sounds, learning to use those vocal chords and lungs. A friend just told me that babies' bones aren't fully connected yet when they're born, they sort of float as I saw in a teeny baby x-ray he showed me. Fascinating! 

Arlo may have been the youngest newborn I have ever hung out with and I could have documented his every move all day. Alina is a natural in her new role. This was my first official newborn session for emilie inc., but I sure hope it's not my last. 

Congratulations, Alina and Brian! Thank you so much for letting me meet Arlo and hang out before the big storm! I hope you never had to turn that generator on. Excited to see you three again soon!

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  1. Lovely! I miss those quiet moments! My baby is all squirmy now! :)


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