last minute baby prep


I'm days away from meeting our little lady, tying up all sorts of loose ends in the office, and nesting, nesting, nesting (ie: one night last week I cleaned our spice cabinet and washed all the baseboards in our kitchen. Random, no?). I've been plagued with terrible insomnia the past several weeks so am finding the quiet nighttime hours plentiful for crossing off just about anything I can think of on a never-ending To Do list before our lives pick up a bit crazier pace with two little ones at home soon.

All that said, I really feel like we're ready- muchmoreso than we ever were with Will. Clearly first-time parents have no idea what to expect, but on top of that, Will arrived early and just weeks after we moved into our new house. It was a lot of change in a little window of time. We've taken great comfort reading through the daily personal blog I kept while pregnant with Will (and for the first few months of his life), detailing our every excited, scattered, throw-spaghetti-at-the-wall foray into parenting, and re-reading chapters of books that we recall being particularly helpful. Many repeat parents tell us that the first child is all about learning to parent, the second is all about time management.

Heeding that advice, we've come up with a great little plan for the daily goings-on at emilie inc. It will be business as usual, but I'll be backing away from the everyday tasks for a brief while- something I didn't do with Will and sorely regret. Megan will keep things rolling from her home office and working from ours just one day a week for the next several until I feel like I've established somewhat of a handle on our family circus. We couldn't be more lucky to be welcoming this new little nugget in our off-season, perfect timing for this sort of flexible work schedule. If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to be in touch any time. Megan's office hours will remain the same throughout regardless of location: Monday- Thursday, 9a-3p.

Meanwhile, I'll continue to peck away at my personal checklist this week. Over the weekend we accomplished one of my more dreaded, but important tasks: maternity photos. Now, I wouldn't go all out and call this a portrait session, by any means. It was a two-minute pause in our stairwell on our way up for Will's afternoon nap, but noteworthy because it was important to me to at least have the belly captured somehow, minus me standing in a field or draped with cloth (to each her own, that's just not my thing). Voila, a quick peek into our everyday routine- the belly, my little guy and his latest obsession: matchbox cars. Thanks for doing this, J!


  1. So excited for you, Em and J!

  2. I love it, Emilie! The incongruous juxtaposition of belly and matchbook car has me giggling. I'm not much of a romantic, myself and these are perfect. Enjoy the new wee one!


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