sweet baby Jude


I have the pleasure of being "Auntie Nesie" to one of my very favorite kids in this world, Gretchen.  She isn't technically my niece, but is the 3 year old daughter of our close friends, Matt and Catherine.  Gretchen is smart as a whip, full of energy, likes to play by the rules, and is a sweetheart to boot.  When Catherine was planning ahead for the arrival of Baby #2, she asked Gretchen who she'd like to come stay with her while they were at the hospital.  My husband Jon, aka "Uncle Jojo," and I were requested.  We got the call around 3am a couple of weeks ago, and headed over.

Baby #2 was born later that evening and Gretchen is now big sister to little Jude.  We went over to visit and snuggle our new "nephew" who was one of the most easygoing babies I had ever seen.  He just slept or would wake up and with the littlest of cries ask to be nursed.  Gretchen was enthralled with him, wanting to touch his soft head and kiss his teeny toes.  Matt and Catherine were tired but beaming over their new son, and delighted to see Gretchen, having been gone for a day or so.

When Gretchen was born I took some photos of her in the hospital and had one framed and hung up in her nursery before Matt and Catherine came home.  So Gretchen came with me to have an image of her new brother printed and to find a frame.  She was an excellent helper and was very interested in a toy camera at the photo store (Auntie Nesie has a good idea for a birthday present for her in April).

Uncle Jojo and I came to visit the new family a couple of days later and take a few more photos.  Gretchen had assembled an excellent outfit, including a birthday hat and princess dress over pants and a long sleeve shirt.  Being a big sister seems to be both exciting and a little confusing, but I know she'll find her way.  Little Jude was still as laid back as he was that first day, and somehow even more snuggly.  Uncle Jojo and I feel really lucky to be a part of Jude and Gretchen's lives.  Our friends make the best kids.

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