the benefits of a second photographer


Our pricing structure is such that we offer each one of our staff photographers at a base price that includes their time on the wedding day at a set creative fee and the studio's support staff's time prior to and after the wedding day including during the planning phase and the editing, color correction, and hosting of your images to an online password-protected gallery after your wedding.

Our most popular addition to our regular wedding day coverage is a second photographer. Wait, what?, you might be thinking. No, we aren't suggesting you hire an additional photography company to cover the day, too, but rather let us bring along another one of our photographers to work together with your principal photographer capturing the day from an alternate angle (quite literally, one photographer inside the church during your recessional and the other outside the church doors) or for moments when it truly isn't possible to be in two different places at the same time (preparations taking place in two different locations or family formal photos taking place while cocktail hour is going on).

The biggest benefit we have seen is the luxury of providing more thorough coverage of moments you may have missed and a more relaxed approach to the day. With two photographers, both you and your partner will have a dedicated photographer for the beginning part of the day, capturing your individual preparations, surrounding landscape and set-up. It is a wonderfully calm way to start the busy day and translates to a seamless transition to the other events of the day.

Fully familiar with each other's working styles, two photographers are able to anticipate the other's needs and positions for capturing key moments without getting in the other person's line of sight during your ceremony and reception. One will capture the "bread and butter" of the ceremony, for instance, concentrating on what's happening between the two of you, while the second has the flexibility to move around, documenting your guests' reactions and striving for more nontraditional angles. The same during toasts. And on the dance floor, etc. Very much a partnership, your second photographer works the same number of contracted hours as your principal photographer and contributes to a more cohesive collection of final images that we present to you all in the same candid photojournalism style.

We have photographed elopements with two photographers and weddings of more than 250 guests with two (and most recently a wedding of 100 guests with six photographers! Anything is possible!). Trying to determine if this is the right addition for your wedding? If you have the room in your budget we always recommend it. Can we handle a wedding on our own with just one photographer? Of course, that's why having a second photographer is an addition and not standard. But if you're looking for our professional opinion of what would make your wedding photography coverage even better, this is our recommendation hands-down.

Browse the images below from a wedding with multiple photographers at one of our favorite spots, Migis Lodge on Sebago Lake, for an example of the more thorough coverage I am referencing. The images are organized in chronological order so you can see the variety that was captured even at a one location venue. Give it a little thought and let us know if this is something you would like to add for your event. You don't necessarily need to decide right away, but the sooner the better so we can ensure availability of a second photographer for you.

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