Hello little Scarlette


It was such a pleasure to recently stop by to see Jessica and Scarlette. Jessica is the owner of Nothing Bakes Like a Parrott in South Portland, one of our favorite bake shops and suppliers of wedding cakes. Her beautiful daughter, Scarlette, was born on January 24th and I was thrilled to finally meet her.

I couldn't believe when I learned that Jessica brings her to work, wondering how she is able to run her business, bake and attend to customers while attending to her new baby. Jessica assured me that she “scaled back” to four days a week, after taking just a week and a half off after Scarlette was born. I am amazed by Jessica's energy and patience. Luckily for her, Scarlette is also self-entertaining. She has a pack 'n play set up in the back room of the shop, and I enjoyed the afternoon listening to Scarlette's quirky baby noises and observing her many expressions.

Aside from oohing and ahhing over Scarlette, it was a rare opportunity for me to catch up with Jessica. We typically wave a quick hello to each other while bustling around on wedding day, so it was nice to talk in a relaxed setting. I can't believe that she has been in her new space for a year and a half already! Jessica certainly knows how to keep herself busy. She is often prepping for a wedding tasting and, as I was leaving, she was diving into her Easter creations. I am in awe of how many flavor combinations Jessica offers. I know it won't be long before I stop in again to say hi and see what delicious new cupcakes she has in the works!

Congratulations again, Jessica!


  1. All I have on my mind is a homemade Maine made whoopie pie now...time to call mom!

  2. Oh my cuteness!


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