two weeks


It's been two weeks since we welcomed sweet Clara June and my, what a whirlwind it's been! We've treasured these early days getting to know our daughter, and watching Will's world expand as he learns what it's like to be a big brother. I can finally say I feel great (c-section recovery is no joke!) and, aside from not being allowed to lift Will for a few more weeks (breaks my heart!), life with our little unit of four is just about perfect. A nurse at the hospital said we have a million-dollar family to be blessed with a boy and a girl. We couldn't agree more.

A planned c-section was SUCH a different experience than when Will was born (two weeks early! quick labor and delivery! no drugs!). Our appointment was for 8a which meant checking in by 6a and watching the sun rise from the windows of Maine Med as doctors popped in and out of our staging room running tests, asking questions, monitoring this and that and making sure I was a-ok. It was calm. Pam Tozier, the ah-mazing labor and delivery nurse who guided us through Will's birth, surprised us by coming in on her day off to help deliver Clara, too. We couldn't- and still can't- believe her generosity and are SO grateful. Contractions, which I had been having for days, were finally increasing in intensity, 6 minutes apart as I walked into the operating room gripping the supportive hand of the sweet and grandfatherly anesthesiologist.

Minutes later (and a bunch of unpleasantness I'll spare this post), I was staring at my beautiful baby girl over the curtain in my doctor's arms. She looked exactly as I had imagined she would and I was thrilled to wrap my arms around her and let her know she was safe.

Later that afternoon Will arrived wide-eyed with a bouquet of purple tulips (my favorite) and my parents. We hadn't yet announced Clara's name as we wanted Will and my mom, June, to hear it first (my grandmother, my mom's mom, is also named June). Happy tears and many group snuggles followed. Big brother Will was cool as a cucumber and mostly curious about the nurses goings-ons and the interesting instruments they were using, all the while stealing sideways glances at me in the hospital bed. Oh, how I wished I could know what he was thinking! I do think, however, it was harder for J and me to be away from Will for those four days than it was for him!

As we've settled in at home since, we couldn't have made it without the help of my parents (mom was here for two weeks!) and the many kind friends who have brought over food and well wishes (especially when J came down with flu. What timing!). I can't say we're close to having nailed down any sort of routine, but we are feeling much more confident in our parenting abilities this time around and find it's more about balance, and taking each day hour by hour.

Below are a few photos from the hospital and a quick session on our bed in between diaper changes. I have long wanted bright white linens for exactly these types of images and can't wait to do it again (and in case you're wondering, the answer is no, we're definitely not taking as many images this time but we're trying!). 


  1. oh em! I'm so in love with your growing family. It's such an amazing time for you, J and Will. Savor every minute. Next time you look, they will be teaching you how to do armpit farts. Love to all.

  2. emilie,

    beautiful clara june! what a lovely way to reach the million-dollar mark. congrats to you and J, you guys make it all look so easy. i wish you all the best with your 2-under-3 - the pic of both in diapers says it all!

  3. Wonderful! So happy to see you all so happy. By the way, there was no risk of Will's cuteness being overshadowed by that of a newborn -- he is just too darling for words. They both are! Hope to see your family in person soon -- maybe this summer!


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