Kentucky Derby themed baby shower in New Hampshire


I first met Jaime and AJ when we did a portrait session with their beautiful horses and sweet pups at their home in New Hampshire last fall.  Jaime was a few months into her pregnancy with their first baby and hoping her tummy would show in the images.  It did (a little) but I was thrilled to be asked to photograph her baby shower at the Cider Co. recently, knowing surely she would look pregnant now!  AJ was actually the one to plan the surprise event, how sweet is that?  He kept it a secret until she received an invitation to her own shower in the mail. 

There was a Kentucky Derby theme, with big hats, mint juleps, and photos of Jaime with horses sprinkled around the restaurant.  Guests were encouraged to guess the baby's gender, weight, and length on a chalkboard.  The expectant parents played a game styled after the Newlywed game, but called the Newly Parent game, to compare answers from topics ranging from how much babies eat to when they start walking.  That led to some pretty hilarious answers from the two of them including a wide discrepancy between how many diapers they each think they'll go through in a day.

Things wrapped up with lots of present opening, my favorite (of course) being the miniature, knitted cowboy hat and matching boots!

I can't wait to hear the news that their little one has arrived and come home to join all the fun at the farm!

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