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My mom always told me when trying to make a big decision, if the answer isn't obvious then it's not the right time to decide. Simple, right? I love little mom nuggets.

Pretty much exactly three years ago now, J and I were seated on one side of my then-downtown studio's conference table, papers strewn about with detailed steps and due dates and numbers, numbers, numbers every which way. With dreams of expanding emilie inc., across the table was an investor I was thisclose to accepting a big check from to help us grow.

But something didn't feel quite right. I couldn't put my finger on it, but my gut- that little voice inside me- was telling me it was ok to slow down, to sleep on it a little longer. The next week we found out we were pregnant. Expansion plans were put on hold...

... Wouldn't you know, the first step in our expansion plan has at long last revealed itself- in its own time, organically and without forcing a thing:

Last week I learned that our beloved studio manager and talented photographer, Megan, is headed to New York City to follow her fabulous beau as he starts school in the city this fall. I have known this was a possibility for nearly a year, but the reality of it is hard to swallow. I adore Megan. Everyone does! We are going to miss her around here every day! But this will be such an exciting adventure for her in the Big Apple! I can't wait to visit!

And then... just days later I learned that our awesome Steve is headed down, too- to Brooklyn- to move in with his lovely girlfriend this fall. Steve came to us as a recent transplant from the city and still spends a lot of time as a set photographer for several Food Network shows (and how he met his gal!) so this is not much of a surprise. We're so happy for them!

Potentially devastating news to my dream team staff has turned out to be anything but! Megan has decided to spend her summers in Maine, so will be joining our roster as a principal photographer next year! Steve is open to traveling back up anytime throughout the year as he has family nearby. And both Megan and Steve will be available to.... photograph weddings and portraits in New York City (and surrounding areas) starting in the late fall!!!

Yup, that's right! We're branching out our operations from Maine to New York City!! We're all so excited and can't quite believe how naturally this all has fallen into place. We often get wedding and portrait requests from current and previous clients who live in the city- and locations between here and there- so we're so happy that we'll be able to accommodate them in just a few short months. Sign up here to receive more details in our studio e-newsletter.

I will begin the exhaustive search for Megan's studio manager replacement position soon, so watch for the job opening posting shortly as well as a few exciting announcements. And otherwise, everything else is the same as it's always been. No need to worry about anything shifting that's already on the books for the upcoming months- we've got you covered as planned, dear clients.

So thanks, mom, and Happy Mother's Day. I appreciate you and your advice always, and have to credit you for teaching me to be patient- and to also recognize that you cannot achieve great rewards without great risks. Love you!

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  1. Congrats!!! This is so exciting!!! I can't wait to see some of the wonderful images taken in the new landscape/setting.


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