sweet afternoon family session in Portland


I was thrilled to go visit Christina after she and her husband, Andrew, and daughter, Amelia, brought their new family member, Audrey, home recently. Megan went to photograph them at the hospital and I was amazed at how different the little miss looked after just a few days.

Amelia was an absolute hoot and right when I got there said, in the sweetest voice, "Denise!! You are going to take some pictures?!"  She never wandered too far from where I was shooting, and has a photographer mom too, so I can see some camera wielding days in this girl's future.  She also takes her job as older sister very seriously and wanted to hold the baby, help her with her pacifier, and kiss her on the head.

Christina and Andrew are clearly right in love with their new daughter and learning how to balance their new family dynamic.  It was so fun for me to be immersed in their life for a couple of hours and document such a life changing experience.  Thank you, Wnek family, for letting me in! xo

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  1. Christina, your family is adorable! Beautiful moments captured, Denise.


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