Giselle and Jim's serene Sebago Lake wedding at Migis Lodge


While three weeks away from the official turn of seasons, Giselle and Jim's lovely June 1st wedding was a balmy kiss of summer on a Saturday in late spring. Meeting for coffee with the couple months prior, I learned of their affinity for the location, the serene Migis Lodge. Giselle spoke of the long driveway through cathedral pines, the feeling of a journey to a different universe. Upon arriving, I stopped to capture this forest bound road, just as described, winding through the woods down toward the lake. As the forest opens up, and the glimmer of Sebago is visible through the tall trunks, rows of nearly stacked firewood appear lining the paths, then gorgeous cabins, and the impressive lodge itself, I was quickly realizing how Giselle and Jim became so enamored with the vibe at Migis. A stunning yet quiet spot, matched perfectly to the couple's ease and love for natural beauty.

In addition to looking forward to working at Migis for the first time, and with such sweet folks as this Giselle and Jim, I was also excited about another detail that I learned of at coffee: Giselle's plan for arrival at the ceremony with Dad by boat, and departure with Jim by boat. I love everything about this. Growing up around small boats every summer in Boothbay, I do believe they are among the best vehicles out there (along with bicycles and Zambonis). It should be mentioned this wasn't just any small boat, but an immaculate vintage Chris Craft, polished and buffed to a soft glow. Far beyond the romance of the vehicle itself, was the elegance of Giselle, gliding up to the lawn ceremony to unite with her man. The anticipation was incredible.

It is hard to express, without sounding mushy perhaps, but being present (and capturing) these charged moments is a true privilege and something I adore and respect greatly about my job. Thanks much to Giselle and Jim (and Dad) for allowing me to be a part of your celebration. And for the cool boat ride on a warm day...

Enjoy the long summer ahead!

How they met, in their own words:

In early 2008, Jim and Giselle met in Philadelphia, where they both live, at a nerdy networking event in a bar. Jim was a lawyer at the time and Giselle was in law school looking for a summer job. Instead of ending up with a job, she ended up with Jim (although she did eventually get a job somewhere... double win!). A little over a year after they met, Giselle moved into Jim's place and in spite of only having one bathroom, they have not gotten sick of each other yet! All kidding aside, they have had the best few years of their life in their home together and haven't looked back! 

How they chose Migis Lodge:

While Jim and Giselle live in Philadelphia, Giselle is from Raymond, Maine and has brought Jim, originally from northern Pennsylvania, up to visit her hometown and family many times over the years. Jim grew to love spending time on Sebago Lake as much as Giselle did growing up. They are both still country woods kids at heart despite living in the city now. On one trip long before they were engaged, Jim remarked that Maine would be a great place to be married. 

During their engagement weekend, they traveled to Maine from Boston right as Hurricane Irene hit. While they rode the storm out at the home of a friend (who thankfully had a generator and lots of wine) they began to think about where they would want to get married. Giselle had seen Migis before and told Jim about it. Once Jim saw what it was like he fell in love with it and thought it would be the perfect place for their wedding. 

Once they visited and saw just how beautiful it was they were sold. Driving into Migis is like being transported into a different universe where time slows down and everything is at peace. It's the perfect feeling to have when getting married! They are so excited to spend an entire weekend with their close friends and family in such a marvelous setting.

photographers: Steve and Chris, emilie inc. photography • venue, caterer, cake: Migis Lodge, South Casco, Maine • officiant: friend • flowers: bride • band: Tony Boffa Bandgown: Nicole Miller invitations: minted.comhoneymoon: Bahamas

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  1. Thank you so much Steve, Chris and everyone at Emilie Inc. We had a great day and we are so appreciative to you for capturing it all! Truly stunning work!


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