Lyndsay and Anthony's rehearsal dinner at Portland landmark, Becky's Diner


Hot Maine weather, Becky's Diner, Peaks Island, Austin Prep grads, navy and white stripes, a wedding dress to die for, homemade Italian cookies, a freezer full of Haagen-Dazs ice cream, and loads of laughter and love… all of my favorite things.  Lynsday and Anthony managed to have a fabulous wedding weekend to kick off my emilie inc. season.  Even before the start of their union, this wedding had great timing.  So much so, a couple weeks before I was checking in for my Jet Blue flight at Logan Airport in Boston (my friends Sean and former emilie inc. studio manager Nicole were getting married in St. John USVI, the same destination Em and J got married!), the woman at the counter asked if Peaks Island was nice, after seeing the address on my license, and said she was headed to a wedding there.  A couple more questions and I said, "Well, I'll see you there, I am Lyndsay and Anthony's wedding photographer!"  Kathy was so sweet and kindly gave me an upgrade to an ever-coveted extra leg room seat.

After her family moved from the Bangor/Brewer area, Lyndsay attended Falmouth high school and became friends with Katie Rand (whose mother is the Becky in Becky's Diner) and the two worked at the diner together.  Katie and the Becky's crew hosted Lyndsay and Anthony's rehearsal dinner of almost 50 people on the top deck of the Portland establishment.  After meeting a beaming couple off the Peaks Island ferry, we hopped in a cab to stave off some of the heat we would have felt walking down Commercial Street to the diner.  I think we were all still dying of the heat though!  The night was relaxed and Becky's served up some good lookin' grub.  It was so nice to meet Lyndsay and Anthony's families the night before the big day.  Anthony, who hails from Arlington, MA not far from where I grew up, introduced me to his comic side during portraits.  He had both Lyndsay and I in stitches as he looked lovingly into Lyndsay's eyes and told her how bad her breath smelled from the salad dressing.  Her laughter was infectious.  Seeing these two together like this made me extra excited for what was to come the following day.

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