Lyndsay and Anthony's wedding day at the Inn on Peaks


Despite living down the street from the Inn on Peaks Island and having shot my fair share of weddings there, I still love it.  For me, there is a beautiful harmony of shooting the familiar and being challenged to see that same familiar more creatively and in a different way each time I am there.  Lyndsay and Anthony's wedding was a perfect day full of happy moments for me to document.  These two were so laid-back and cute together.  I loved seeing them interact with each other as well as the family and friends they had present to celebrate their big day with.  There is an ease about this couple and it rubbed off on everyone throughout the festivities, including myself!  I was impressed to learn that Anthony not only has comedic skills, he also dabbles in design as the ceremony programs were all his doing.

Although St. Christopher's Church was a tad toasty (it was one of those days my cameras were slipping from my hands it was so hot!), Father Lou conducted a wonderful ceremony.  The reception tent might have looked the prettiest I've seen it.  Judy of Flora Fauna did a beautiful job.  I was happy to meet DJ Jon and learn he is the brains behind the weekly '80s night at Bubba's Sulky Lounge.  He was a pleasure to work with, looked sharp in his three-piece suit, and spun some great tunes that kept guests on the dance floor.  Anthony's mother Jeannette took three days to bake the traditional Italian cookies for both the rehearsal dinner and wedding!  She forced me to take some home so, of course, I had to oblige!  I got so sidetracked loading up on the cookies, I forgot about grabbing a Drumstick from the Haagen-Dazs freezer Lyndsay and Anthony had rolled in.  But I guarantee, Jeannette's cookies were the better choice. Lyndsay and Anthony, thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of your wedding weekend!  I loved every minute of it and am truly happy for you two.  I hope you enjoy your trip to Italy later this year!  My Irish-Sicilian father (who of course identifies with his Sicilian side often, despite actually being more Irish) would be jealous.  Have a blast and, again, congratulations on your marriage!

How they met, in Lyndsay's words:

Anthony and I met 7 years ago working at the same hospital in upstate NY. I was a new dietitian and he was a 1st year Surgery Resident. Anthony was always finding excuses to talk to me or page me at the hospital. He would have a question about a nutrition consult or how to enter nutrition orders into the computer. I found him attractive but was pretty clueless to the fact that he was trying to create opportunities to talk to me. He was different then most of the Drs I knew at the hospital. He was incredibly interesting to talk to and we instantly bonded over being from New England and a love for the ocean and fresh seafood (All things we both missed terribly being in Rochester). One day Anthony gave me his phone number and I waited a cool 3 days to call until he finally came up to me at work and asked "Are you going to call me or not because I need to know." So I called and we went out on our first date the following Friday and have been together ever since. We really wanted our wedding to reflect our love of all things New England from the colors we chose to the menu we served. We wanted something eloquent but casual and most of all fun!

photography: Whitney, emilie inc. photographyceremony: St. Christopher's Church, Peaks Island • reception, caterer: Inn on Peaks, Peaks Island • florist: Judy Bourgeois, Flora Faunamusic: DJ Joncake: Let Them Eat Cakehair/make-up: Akarigown: Marchesa at L'elite Bridalinvitations: William Arthurhoneymoon: Italy

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