Overview of Tide Creative, wedding marketing and consulting startup in Portland


As emilie inc. has grown over the years, it has been great to be part of that experience and participate in so many wonderful weddings. While I truly enjoy shooting on the day of the wedding, the business aspect has always been my draw.

2 years ago this month, I left my regular job of 4.5 years with liveBooks and started Tide Creative as a consulting and marketing shop in the wedding space. There have been many exciting opportunities during that time, and just over a year after founding the company we took a bit of a turn to become a startup software company. My team of four are leveraging our wedding industry expertise, beautiful design and the latest technology to create applications that change the way people experience weddings.

Our first product is VenueApp, a revolutionary mobile platform that enables wedding venues to establish a custom branded presence in the App Store and on the mobile devices of brides, grooms and guests. Check out this fun video to learn a bit more.

Next, WeddingDJ App, is socializing music selection at weddings, ensuring that everyone has a great time! Couples are able to invite their friends and family to suggest songs for their wedding. The family and friends are then able to vote on the songs, pulling the most popular songs to the top of the playlist. WeddingDJ will be available in the App Store within the next couple weeks!

We've also purchased Prepare to Wed and are transitioning the wedding directory into a shareable content platform for wedding vendors, while redesigning the front end to provide couples with a beautiful, intuitive and informative wedding planning process. We will be launching the new and improved Prepare to Wed in mid-August!

While building out this new software development company, we are still consulting and marketing wedding properties. Our most recent client approached us to build a brand for their new wedding destination property in Fryeburg, Maine. 14 weeks later, we've built the brand and have been driving it into the market. Looking for an intimate rustic barn venue? Please take a moment to check out www.hardyfarm.com and forward the site and awesome blog to anyone you might know that is engaged.

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