a sweet Saturday morning with Heather of Cairn Event Consulting


It is always a treat to spend time with my favorite wedding professionals outside of work, so when the opportunity arose to photograph Heather of Cairn Event Consulting and her family, I jumped on it. Heather and her husband, Michael, have an amazingly fun and energetic daughter, Maegan, and a sweet, easy-going son, Quinn.

Maegan was welcoming from the start. As soon as I arrived at their home, she eagerly gave me a tour and introduced me to her favorite stuffed animals friends. We found her most loved, Hoppy, and buckled him up in the car for a visit to the beach.

As many Mainers can agree, my favorite thing about living here is the proximity of the ocean. I love that Heather and her family have made excursions to the beach (with a coffee stop along the way!) a typical part of their weekend routine.

The weather was perfect early in the morning, warm but not yet hot, and the beach was slowly populating with families and dogs. Both Maegan and Quinn enjoyed the cool ocean water. Maegan had a blast running and twirling through the sand and waves, and Quinn flying in the arms of his parents. All in all, what a wonderful way to kick off the weekend. I hope to see you all again soon!

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