Baby Nathaniel


Judy works with my mom, so when she found out that Judy was flying to Maine to visit her parents, she was quick to put us in touch. I loved photographing Judy's family and meeting Nathaniel, her very sweet and energetic son. He is 10 months old and in the very early stages of walking. Boy, can can he crawl though! We spent time at Judy's parents home (whose upstairs had already been converted into an amazing play area for Nathaniel) and later walked to the beach not far from their house. It was Nathaniel's first time at the ocean so we were unsure how he would react. There is no fear in that boy! It was fun to witness. Nathaniel immediately seized the opportunity to dig in the sand and crawl as far into the ocean as his watchful mom would let him. I'm so glad the weather cooperated for their fun beach vacation! I'm sure Nathaniel will be paddling around in the ocean in no time.

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