Eastport, Maine wedding of Julie and Matt


From the moment I found out that I was photographing a wedding up in Eastport, I was pumped.  The easternmost city in the United States, and within paddling distance to our neighbors to the north, Eastport had stoked my curiosity since I had heard of the place.  Adding to the fun, this was to be my first destination wedding with emilie inc, and I would have the opportunity to immerse with a two night stay at a B&B near the heart of the action.
The fact is, I could continue to delve into how interesting I found Eastport, or even riff about the rainbow I saw on the way into town, or the moose I saw on the way out of town, but I need to get straight to how much I enjoyed working with this remarkably warm and kind couple, and their friends and families of the same ilk.  I met with Julie for coffee this spring and we had a great talk, as I learned about the wedding plans as well as a bit about her and Matt's interesting backgrounds.  Julie from Cape Elizabeth, and Matt from Eastport, these two clearly had oceans in common, and would be spending the summer living on a boat.

On the longest Saturday of the year (a day after the solstice), the ceremony was held at pretty little white church directly next door to Matt's house.   The service was moving, with prayers from family, and the lighting of a unity candle.  Following the excitement of the receiving line, and a quick jaunt to a gorgeous seaside garden for some photos, the couple stopped by to visit Matt's stepfather at home, as he was not well enough to make it to the celebration.   I was privileged to be in the room as the three held hands and shared an emotionally charged moment. 

Back on the waterfront at Eastport's own Chowder House, guests welcomed Julie and Matt to a lively cocktail hour, then moved out to the pier and under the tent to dine and dance.  I was not surprised to hear during Matt's brother's epic (yes epic) toast, that Julie is known for her incredible warmth and universal kindness.  Also mentioned within this 20 minute dedication, was Matt's imposing figure as a big brother, but contrasted with his altruism and emotional intelligence.  This speech, heartfelt as it was, gave me a window of understanding as to how great a couple Matt and Julie make. 

The devoted couple's love permeated the reception.  From the touching parent dances, to a group wide get down, this tent could hardly contain the joyous party.   Finally, a colorful battery of fireworks lit up the night sky, putting an exclamation point on a wonderful celebration.

Thanks Julie and Matt; good luck and I hope to see you again soon!

Note:  Shortly after the wedding, Matt's stepfather passed away.  Our hearts go out to his family and friends.  The touching act of Julie and Matt spending time with him on their wedding day now carries even more significance, and the privilege of capturing those images is all the greater.

How they met, in their own words:

Matt and Julie met at the Old Port Festival in June of 2010. In was a beautiful sunny June afternoon, they were both on the outside dock of the Port Hole Restaurant enjoying the live music. Julie was with her cousin and now bridesmaid Caryn enjoying the day. Matt was with groomsman Brandon Mitchell. Matt told Brandon he had to use the bathroom but he just had to go over and talk to this girl across the dock. So he asked him to watch her and if she started to leave stall her and make sure she didn't leave until he returned. Luckily Julie was have a great time and stayed put. Shortly thereafter Matt and Julie's eyes met from across the dock. For Julie, the moment felt like deja vu. Her heart felt like it skipped a beat as Matt smiled at her and their eyes locked. Brandon described the scene as watching two magnets come together. The rest is history! They both feel like it was fated; it's like it was already written. As they got to know each other better and fall in love this feeling was further affirmed. 

photographer: Steve, emilie inc. photography • ceremony: Central Congregational Church, Eastport • reception, caterer: Eastport Chowder Houseflorist: Flowers by Paulaband: Brian Catell and Jump City Jazz Bandcake: Moose Island Bakeryhair/make-up: Tess Salontent: Granville Rentaltransportation: Moose Island Trolleygown: Allure Bridal at Bella Bridal, Amesbury • invitations: Papier, Portland • honeymoon: Grenada

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