Local painter Sharon McGauley


I had the pleasure of meeting Sharon when I first came aboard with emilie inc. in the summer of 2010 when she was a second photographer with our studio. Sharon is one of those people that you can't help but instantly like.  She is warm, funny, and has a great energy about her.  She is also an amazingly talented painter (you can see some of her work here) and an Ashtanga yoga instructor in Portland's East End.  

Sharon is currently creating large work (many of them feel marine inspired) and also the neatest "tiny paintings."  She started something called the tiny painting project this past winter that has completely taken off.  Small in size, Sharon paints whatever might inspire her at the moment- be it a cupcake on her counter, a man she had a conversation with in town or how the light changes throughout the day in her neighborhood. As a former gallery owner in Key West, she enjoyed the interaction with people looking at her work and found she was missing that since moving away.  She also wanted to explore her new home in Maine more, so it was the perfect excuse to get out, see new places, and paint.  She now offers these paintings in an auction format.  They all start with a minimum bid and usually last for about a week.  You can sign up to be on her email list, something we all enjoy, as each email not only shows the latest painting in her auction, but also shares a bit of narrative about it (see example below).

Sharon also does commissioned work, with rates starting at $400. Everyone is always on the hunt for a fantastic personalized gift. We think one of her paintings would be the perfect wedding gift for a couple or as attendant gifts to share a beautiful piece of Maine art to remember the occasion.  I know I would love one (or many) to hang in my house.  As a native Mainer, I appreciate the authentic feel these paintings have, from the sea life to the wrinkled faces of local Portlanders.

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