Will's first camera


Santa gave Will a Fisher Price digital camera, technically his first camera that actually takes photos (unlike his arsenal of relic toy cameras). After months of him parading around mimicking mommy, I finally connected his camera to my computer to take a looksy at what he's been capturing.

The quality of this model is clearly lacking, lending to lots of blurry images, but what fun we had scrolling through "taking a peek" (one of his favorite expressions) at his photos ("I took that!" he exclaimed throughout). He's got a real eye for texture and pattern, don't you think? A silhouette! He panned the moving train! And what about the artsy sandal shot that includes his own shadow? We talk about getting down low and then high (for a while he would only take pictures if he could stand on a chair after seeing me do that once), or getting in close to what he's photographing and then stepping away to get a wider shot. Fascinating (and ok, a little thrilling!) to watch him experiment.

I think he's ready to step it up to a bit more advanced camera, no? He'll be assisting at weddings in no time!

And a few of the artist.


  1. awesome!!! what a cutie and such an eye!! no surprise there with you for a mommy :)

  2. omg this is amazing. he is already so talented! go Will! xo


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