York Harbor Reading Room wedding of Meghan and Marc


Meghan was sent our way from a fantastic bride whose wedding I photographed last year, Hannah.  I always love having a connection like that because it makes me immediately feel like I know couples a bit better.

This wedding had a very nautical theme, with the ladies in navy and white striped dresses, touches of rope in the flowers, and my favorite part, little compasses that served as favors.  These two live in Massachusetts, but both have Maine connections.  Meghan is from Woolwich and Marc went to Bates, so this state has a special place in both their hearts.  I must say, you could never miss that Marc is from Massachusetts, because when he speaks, as Megan put it, there's "not a lot of R's".  His thick accent was actually what broke the ice when these two met, and I heard lots of similar accents all day, which made me smile.

Meghan and Marc, I hope you had an amazing time in Mexico! And happy 30th to you, Meghan!

How they met, in Meghan's words:
I spent many nights at my best friend Laura's apartment in Boston, so it was a typical Saturday evening in November 2009 when everyone gathered there to begin a night out. My friend from college, Matt, and his now wife, Patty, had tickets to the Bruins game and made plans to come by after. Little did I know, Matt was bringing his friend from work, Marc, with him. When they arrived, I definitely took notice of Matt's cute friend, but was quickly surprised when Marc walked over to the group of girls I was sitting with on the couch and confidently introduced himself. With his thickest born-and-raised Arlington, Massachusetts accent, Marc introduced himself, said hi to all of us, and probably made a quick joke. Instead of saying hi back as the others did, I asked (in only a way I can), "Why the ---- do you talk like that?". Marc was speechless for probably the only time in his life, but that didn't stop him from attempting to get my attention all night. A couple hours (and let's be honest, a few cocktails) later, he had me convinced that he was a guy worth knowing. Despite the fact that I basically had to harass him into asking me on a date (a first date that involved tickets to a Bruins game with 3 other guys, Matt included), I've never regretted it for one minute. He makes me laugh like no one else can, and every minute I am with him I feel like it just wouldn't be right any other way.

photographer: Denise, emilie inc. photographyvenue, catering: York Harbor Reading Room, York, Maine • officiant: uncle of the groom • flowers: York Flower Shopmusic: Honey Traindessert bar: Nothing Bakes Like a Parrotthair/make-up: Bei Capelligown: Allure at Vows, Watertown • invitations: minted.comhoneymoon: Riviera Maya, Mexico

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