Gus and Ruby celebrate 4 years!


I was so happy to visit our friends at Gus and Ruby in downtown Portsmouth to photograph their fourth birthday. Local vendors, family and friends stopped by to celebrate (and do a little shopping, too!). The store was full of amazing products, as always, and this evening there were plenty of sweets to go around: cupcakes thanks to the lovely Erin of Wild Orchid, popsicles from The Juicery, candy from Lolly and salt water taffy from The Goldenrod in York. Gus and Ruby auctioned off some of their beautiful handiwork. They also ran specials on stylish Smock products. Jenna from Smock was in attendance, and added to the festivities by teaching a fun lesson on pinwheel creation. It was quite the hit! Some guests chose to adorn their hair and jackets with the handmade creations; perhaps the next big style trend.

Many congratulations on 4 years, Gus and Ruby! We love you all, and I want to buy every card in your shop.

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