Gus and Ruby co-owner Whitney at camp in Arrowsic, Maine


I was greeted on this evening by Ruby, a Lab/hound cross, and Archie, a Rat Terrier/Chihuahua mix, trotting down the road and barking, letting me know they were on to me.  They make quite a pair, as Ruby is a good sized dog and Archie weighs in at a whopping 12 lbs.  Whitney, who is one of the owners of Gus and Ruby Letterpress in Portsmouth, NH, is their loving mama and promptly came out to order them back to the camp, with mixed success.  I thought they were completely adorable and had no trouble with them making their presence known.

As I pulled my cameras from the car, I looked up to see a young boy with a bow and arrow in his hand, in beautiful light, aiming at a target, wearing a crown of leaves.  I remember thinking "This is going to be a great shoot!"  The camp belongs to Whitney's husband, A.K.'s, grandmother and feels just how you want camp to feel.  It's rustic and lived in so you can relax, but also has electricity and running water.  It must be why these two have been coming back, summer after summer, for 10 years.  Whitney had invited her friend from high school, Meghan, and her two kids, Luke (with the crown) and Byrdie (love that name!) to hang out for the evening along with her brother, Willie, and another friend Liz, of Paper Posy Designs.

We all wandered down to the water, but only A.K. was brave enough to jump in and go for a quick paddleboard.  The dogs sniffed about, checking their territory, rolling in the grass, and generally having a blissful time.  It was so enjoyable for me to meander about barefoot with my cameras with no particular agenda.

Some cornhole was played, some dinner was grilled, and some Monopoly money was exchanged.  The soundtrack included lots of laughter, a screen door being slid open and closed, charcoal being dumped into the grill, and many other sounds that just say summer to me.  The best part, though, was the silence in between. 

Whitney, A.K., and crew, thank you so much for having me.  I really enjoyed my time in Arrowsic and felt how special that slice of heaven is for you! Happy 3rd wedding anniversary too!

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