miss Charlotte


Not long after we moved into our home in Cumberland, I learned of a childhood friend who was moving to neighboring Falmouth, a quick five minute drive down Route 88. Reconnecting after years of not seeing each other (except for a rather random run-in in downtown Annapolis about 10 years ago and discovering, via Facebook, that we were both later married on the island of St. John a year apart), was perfectly natural, as if no time had passed since those days on the little league field together. There's such a nice ease to knowing someone your whole life and falling back into step without forcing a thing. This friend, Becky, has partnered with a pretty amazing fella in Keith, and they have an extraordinary dog, Wyatt. We love them like family. We've supported each other through being pregnant at the same time and their leading lady, Charlotte, was just born, five months after our Clara. What fun it is envisioning many memories to be made between these two young friends! Say hello to sweet Charlotte, just 8 days old.

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