My family photographed


Driving home today I spied a tree whose leaves are beginning to turn a bright red in places. It's dark, and I mean dark, by 7:30p. Kids are headed back to school. And this weekend, we turn the calendar to September. September! How did that happen so fast, I wonder (every year!)?

Summer was jam-packed with wedding work, per usual, and quality time with the kiddos. When I wasn't editing or blogging, I was lucky to be with my family at the beach, on a playground, visiting friends, going for walks, hikes and adventures to new places, chasing caterpillars, watching boats, or simply enjoying blueberries from the yard or popsicles on our deck each night. I've definitely earned more laugh lines and can't say I regret the dark circles under my eyes from working way past midnight each night with a newborn who keeps me up later still as it's been a wonderful summer.

Whitney, Denise, Megan and Steve recently all spent a little time with us, each documenting my family's daily afternoon routine. Simple, sweet, and not particularly exciting but most definitely meaningful, these are the kinds of images that we all adore and strive to capture, be it during a portrait session or at a wedding. No Photoshop filters, just real life- pure and beautiful as it is.

Hats off to my incredible staff for their hard work, and hugs all around for loving my family like your own. xoxo

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