sunny morning in the sand at Drakes Island beach in Wells, Maine


What a blast I had at the beach with these two cuties, James and Claire. I met their mom and dad, Kathryn and Christian, when they were just a twinkle in their eyes at their wedding weekend in Kennebunkport four short years ago. While on summer vacation in Maine from New York, we met for a photo playdate at Kathryn's family's home on Drakes Island this week. We had such fun catching up, remarking about how quickly time passes, swapping parenting tales and gushing over these adorable tots who will welcome a baby sister in just a few weeks. They played together so sweetly and Kathryn, so poised, more than once had me momentarily thinking that perhaps, I, too, could pull off another pregnancy. Our visits, seemingly yearly at weddings of their wedding guests, and various emails and Facebook communications through this journey of marriage and motherhood with Kathryn mean so much to me and remind me so often how lucky I am to have not only such a wonderful profession, but such wonderful friendships, too. Thank you for sharing your family with me, Kathryn and Christian! I'll be thinking of you nonstop, awaiting the email that your little lady has arrived soon! xoxo

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