Cape Elizabeth wedding of Meghan and Matt at Wentworth Lodge


These two threw a party to celebrate their wedding, yes, but possibly even more so to ensure that their family and friends had an amazing time.  Meghan and Matt took such care in welcoming their guests, from the mini, hand painted (every one!) buoys creating the seating chart to the photos of the two of them eating lobsters that served as instructions for their mainly Midwestern crew.

They also wanted to include Higgins Beach in their plan for the day because Meghan and her family vacation there every summer.  I loved that Meghan and her ladies got ready in the very house her family relaxes in year after year.  We snuck down to the beach for some photos before heading over to Wentworth Lodge, which has an incredible view of that very spot.

As sweet as these two are, they also have killer senses of humor and had people cracking up throughout the day.  Why not be announced into the reception wearing neon, light up glasses?  This wedding had thoughtful touches, sweet sentiment, and lots of laughs.  Meghan and Matt had a sign welcoming guests (a nod to the Maine slogan) that said "The way weddings should be."  I wholeheartedly agree.

How they met, in their own words:

Imagine if you will: An uneventful Monday evening on the north side of Chicago. The location is SideStreet Saloon, an unassuming local’s tavern where new and seasoned friends alike sit side by side to watch sports, imbibe in refreshments and share in light conversation. It’s a location that has provided both, us and our friends, with so many great stories, it is only fitting that our greatest story begins here.

On this particular evening, Matt positioned himself on a barstool with optimum viewing for the hockey game on TV and engaging in conversation with his favorite bartender, Abby. A short time later, Meghan arrived to have dinner and visit with her best friend, also Abby. As Meghan sat down next to Matt it became apparent that this wasn’t going to be such an uneventful Monday evening.

After a brief introduction from Abby, Meghan and Matt spent the evening discussing topics as two strangers do: that first conversation revolved around hockey, music (more specifically Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers) and vacationing in Maine. Seems like an odd conversation, but when there's passion about a subject and good company to discuss with, it just feels right. The night ended with Meghan and Matt parting ways, but with the help of Abby a seed was planted that evening and two years later, Matt is down on one knee and Meghan is shouting expletives in disbelief.

After the proposal and the resounding yes, it was time to start planning. You see, Matt grew up in Michigan and Meghan grew up in Illinois and yet there was one place they had shared memories: Maine. Maine was the first vacation Matt and Meghan shared. They set out together and traveled from Portland, Maine north to Camden, Maine (with a stop off in Freeport to visit LL Bean, of course) in the Summer of 2011. They shared lobster rolls at Red’s Eats, laughter and most of all love both for each other and the wondrous coast line of Maine.

Higgins Beach, Maine is a quiet beach community resting just south of Portland and has been a vacation spot for Meghan and her family every summer since she was a little girl and as little girls do, Meghan often pictured her wedding on the sands of which she grew up playing on. A girlhood dream of Meghan’s became their dream as they realized they wanted to share their love and this place with those closest to them.

Maine's state tagline is, "The way life should be" which Matt and Meghan feel is the perfect place to ceremoniously vow to each other... forever.

photographer: Denise, emilie inc. photographyvenue: Wentworth Lodge, Cape Elizabeth • coordinator: Heather Cuzzi, Cairn Event Consultingcaterer: Maine Lobster Bake Jordan's Floral and Gifts, Scarborough • dj: Brian Zutter, Greg Powers Entertainmenttent: One Stop Event Rentals transportation: In Town Trolley and Custom Coach and Limousineinvitation: design by Conor Clarke, printing at Forest Printing, Forest Park, IL • honeymoon: Hawaii

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