Flanagan's Table August farm-to-table dinner with Nosh


Jason Loring of Nosh Kitchen Bar in Portland was August's featured chef for the Flanagan's Table dinner series held at the Barn at Flanagan Farm.  The menu consisted of many "and's" combining two main ingredients to create something even better.  The first course was "Beef and Eggs" featuring Caldwell Farms beef, from Turner, and crispy egg whites from Bowden Egg Farm in Waldoboro.  The following courses also featured local ingredients and were entitled "Tuna and Cabbage," "Eggs and Bacon," "Beets and Bacon," and "Cheese and Fruit."  A delicious evening of combos indeed!

participating vendors
photography: Denise, emilie inc. photography • table design: Maine Seasons Eventsdecor: Judy Bourgeois, Flora Faunafood: Nosh, Portland • beer: Oxbowwine: Old Port Wine and Cigaraprons: South Street Linen

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  1. I definately will be there this August.Perfect timing just few days after my birthday!


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