Foggy coastal family portrait in East Boothbay, Maine


I was loving the idyllic coastal scene I was shooting in East Boothbay, Maine, on a quiet Tuesday afternoon.  A little cove with a plethora of beach rocks, happy little trees (as painter Bob Ross would say, I loved watching him on PBS as a child), an older gentleman snorkeling (to my surprise), and a veil of white fog softening the entire seascape.  Really, Bob Ross could have painted this scene. 

"Your dog is so cute," I heard a woman exclaim.  "What, you don't think I'm cute?" a man replied.  I laughed to myself and kept shooting, only to turn around a few moments later and be greeted by that cute little dog, Eloise, a Havanese breed from Cuba, and her just-as-cute owner Stu.  He guessed correctly that I was there to photograph his family, and said everyone was in the house getting ready. 

Stu's daughter Neely contacted emilie inc. about photographing her family during their annual Ocean Point vacation week, after learning that her childhood friend from Florida, Gia, had her wedding and family portrait sessions photographed by Emilie.  Though they're spread out now in NYC, Alabama, and Florida, Neely's family has been coming to Maine for years upon years.  Her great grandfather built a home in Jonesport that the family used to visit.  They then later moved their annual retreats to East Boothbay's Ocean Point area.  They have even rented the same house for the past couple years, next door to extended family members Betsy and Chris.

Knowing this history and having multiple generations under one roof was a really cool thing to witness.  From the oldest member in the house to the youngest whose age could be easily counted in weeks, it was so lovely to meet everyone.  So much going on for this family.  John Baker and Jen are engaged.  Virginia Larson is learning to be a fabulous big sister.  Neely and Brad are in awe of their little man Chase.  Many generations of proud parents in this bunch. 

The fog rolled in quickly after John Baker took me on a location scout and we were all a little disappointed to not see the ocean, but we made it work, babies and all.  As I was leaving I learned Neely's sister Ginger had a broken foot -- what a good sport hobbling around for all the photos with two kids in tow! 

Neely, thank you so much for introducing me to your family and inviting me to spend a little time with you all on your vacation!  I know it was just a quick glimpse into your lives, but I can tell your family is precious, and I'm honored to have been able to document them for you.  I hope the moments I captured will be a testament to your love and respect for each other for years to come and just how important family is.

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