Playtime fun with Erin of Wild Orchid Baking Company's family


It was such fun spending the morning with Erin, hubby Mike and their fun, energetic son, Max. We have been long time fans of Erin's delicious business, Wild Orchid Baking Company, and it was a treat to meet her family.

Erin, Mike and Max love visiting the Seacoast Science Center (conveniently only 20 minutes from their home) so we decided to convene there. The center is situated in a gorgeous spot right on the ocean. It has a fun indoor space with tide pools and sea creatures plus a fairly extensive property outside. The day was windy and had the crispness of fall, but the sun was shining.

We started the morning indoors. Max was excited to explore everything inside, literally running from one display to another. It was hard to keep up! After a snack to refuel (of which his very sweet mother brought a few) we left for the playground. I was impressed with Max as he tackled the slides, bridges and ladders. Not a lot of fear in that boy! Max migrated to taller and taller slides until he was riding down the longest. He was also quite sociable, making friends with kids both younger and older.

The other highlight of the morning (and a passion of Max's) was throwing rocks down by the water. I had to watch out because Max has quite the arm already, but it was lovely spending time by the ocean.

Thanks for introducing me to your favorite spot, Erin, Mike and Max! It was fun spending the morning with you.

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  1. I couldn't love this more! Thank you so much Megan :)


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