Ranwei and Dave's Scarborough, Maine, wedding at Camp Ketcha


Ranwei and David were married outdoors on a fine September afternoon at the lovely Camp Ketcha in Scarborough.

These two connected far from Maine in Mumbai, India, while traveling from school at Cornell.  As noted in our 'in their own words' section below, Ranwei and Dave had met on campus but India was where they first hit it off.

Being far from home clearly never bothered this couple as Cornell was already a great distance for both Ranwei from the Bay Area, and Dave from South Africa.  On this their wedding day, distances measured in thousands of miles did nothing to deter friends and family from convening for a joyous day in Maine.  And traveling from afar did not keep friends and family members from making huge contributions to the celebration.  Ranwei's sister Ranyee baked the impressive tiered wedding cake, with a miniature Ranwei and Dave holding hands on the top level.  Friends married them, and another managed the tunes, keeping the mood stoked for both ceremony and reception.  Following a Zulu tradition, David's Dad Tony gifted a bull's horn (in lieu of heads of cattle as was the historical tradition) to Ranwei's dad Joseph.

Earlier in the day bride and groom met at Kettle Cove for a simply beautiful first look.  Any pre-ceremony jitters must have melted away as tender moments were shared overlooking the wide Atlantic.  I felt privileged to be a part of these moments, and it was easy to see how great Ranwei and Dave are together.

Thanks so much for having me! And safe travels wherever you may roam!

How they met, in their own words:

For Dave and Ranwei, the seed for their relationship was planted in India. Yes, they were in school together at Cornell. Yes, they may have met at the first pig roast Ranwei and her friends hosted. There was probably even an awkward interaction one Thursday afternoon at Sage Social. But Ranwei has very little recollection of these events. Therefore, we begin their story in India...in a two bedroom apartment... shared with ten other people.

Dave planned a holiday in Mumbai before he jetted of to work on a project in Bangalore. He spent his days exploring the city, squeezing onto overstuffed trains and braving the heat to get the most out of his limited days in Mumbai. Ranwei, on the other hand, worked on a consulting project for two weeks in Mumbai. She did not feel the same sense of urgency or adventure. In fact, she spent her days, feet propped, sitting under the air conditioner in the group apartment working on her project. Dave returned home each afternoon, glowing from the heat of the sun, and scolded everyone still at home for their laziness. Finally, Ranwei refused to tolerate this nonsense anymore, and accepted Dave's challenge to go out for an afternoon beer. Not much of a challenge...

Both Ranwei and Dave would say that renting scooters to visit more remote beaches in Goa was a pivotal part of their future relationship. Dave was charmed when Ranwei wanted to ride on her own even though she had never done so; so much for lack of adventure. He even turned the other way when she gently tapped a parked scooter while navigating through heavy traffic near the end of her ride. Ranwei was taken in by Dave's optimistic and take charge attitude when the city center was not what the group expected. He planned the day trip and found scooters to rent, which sounded like a great idea to her.

photographer: Steve, emilie inc. photographyvenue: Camp Ketcha, Scarborough, Maine • officiant: Rev. Lee Berry, Ontario • caterer: Kitchen Chicks Cateringflorist: Fiddleheads Flowers, Cape Elizabeth • hair: O2 Salon, Portland • gown: Mori Leehoneymoon: Boundary Waters, MN

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