Baby Charlie


Once upon a time when I first moved to Maine in 2004, my first winter here was so quiet that I had the time to explore one of my longtime curiosities: retail! I worked for a holiday season at Pottery Barn and loved it! I adored the festive spirit of (most. ha!) of the customers, enjoyed learning about the product and business back-end, and met a handful of treasured new friends. One, the then-store manager, Jill, hired me to photograph her wedding and now, years later, she and hubby Ben are parents to a most adorable little guy, Charlie. They recently took me to their favorite place in Biddeford Pool where they had their first date. We walked, we laughed, we climbed rocks, we watched the water, we marveled at how remarkable life is. Congrats, Jill and Ben. Happy 7th anniversary to you two! And Happy 1st Birthday, sweet Charlie! I loved meeting you!

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