busy little backyard family session


When I was little, my parents would take me to the local photographer's studio in town and we would lean against a tree or along a fence in his yard and maybe have an outfit change or two. The setting was lovely, the prints impeccable... the expressions? During those early years, let's just say I wasn't the easiest subject. Now as a mom, I can totally relate to what parents go through fretting over the perfect family portrait. But it's also what makes our style of photography so much fun- and a good challenge for me each and every time.

Heather and I grew up together in New Hampshire, and now live in neighboring towns in Maine. She, too, went to the same photographer in our hometown I wrote about above. Now, a mother of three (three! Amazing! And her youngest shares the same birthday as Clara! Too cool!), Heather and hubby Troy invited me over to document a little play session at their house. We played on their swingset, romped in the leaves, ran around the house, rode bikes, read books and even had a little meltdown or two. But that's life, right? I love these images because, to me, they so accurately portray each of these kiddos' personalities and will undoubtedly become more treasured as they get older.

You're a wonderful mommy, Heather, and dear friend. Thank you so much for letting me wear my professional hat and capture your busy little family and all of those beautiful blue eyes! xo

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