Day in our Life 2013


On the weekends (and sometimes during the week, too), we are invited to photograph couples and families on one of the best days of their lives. It's planned and pretty. Our regular lives aren't as choreographed and might even be a little bit ugly, but there's so much beauty to be found in the everyday.

Earlier this month, we joined dear friend and Roots Workshop instructor Jennifer Domenick's photography studio from Baltimore in their 9th (!) year documenting a day in their lives. I have wanted to do this with her every year, and we finally made it happen. We are so grateful we did! It turned out to be both incredibly hard and fun, and one of the best learning experiences we have done together as a team. The only rules were that we had to photograph from when we woke up until we went to bed, and that we had to be the one to take the photos (self-timer was permitted).

We humbly present to you, a day in our lives: October 2, 2013. Turn up those speakers (music via Song Freedom), click on a photo below to get started, hang tight as the slideshow loads and enjoy.

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  1. This is awesome! What a fabulous project and what great photos. Thanks for letting us take a peek into the lives of the emilie inc. team :)


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