Meredith, New Hampshire wedding of Elizabeth and Matt at Church Landing


A low-fuss, big-fun wedding on the lake on a sleepy Sunday afternoon with a cozy fire going during preparation and family recipe pies for dessert at the reception with a whole handful of happy tears in between is my idea of an ideal autumn wedding. There's something enchanting about fall weddings that exude a warmth and romance that I just adore, and these two- Elizabeth and Matt- have that between them (literally, he promised to keep her warm during his vows. So cute!) that was a blast to photograph.

During their first look, Matt may have shed a tear or two and was awestruck staring at his gorgeous gal, exclaiming she was more beautiful than any bride he'd ever seen, even in a wedding magazine (see? Cute again).  His gaze hardly drifted from hers during their ceremony under a tent on Lake Winnipesaukee's edge, guests wiping away tears during their heartfelt vows (tip: Elizabeth added math equations in her vows to slow her down. Brilliant!). And all night long there were countless "I am so happy!"s and fist pumps with friends and toasts and roasts that underscored the great connection and care Elizabeth and Matt have for one another.

It's been a complete pleasure getting to know you both, Elizabeth and Matt, and I hope we will cross paths again soon- perhaps on a ski mountain out west sometime! Thank you again for the surprise of your band dedicating Earth, Wind and Fire's "September" to me, my all-time favorite (!!) wedding reception song. So very thoughtful and fun!

How they met, in their own words:

Elizabeth taught at a private boarding school in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire called Brewster Academy. During her first year in the classroom, she was lucky enough to have a student named Abby as a student. Abby and her family live in Aspen, Colorado and they invited Elizabeth to their beautiful home for a vacation over the school’s winter break. Elizabeth took them up on their offer and, after landing in Denver and renting a car for the first time, she wound her way along I-70 toward Bridlepath Lane, where Abby, along with her parents, greeted her with open arms. The wonderful week was filled with sun, skiing, shopping and food.

Two nights before Elizabeth was scheduled to fly back to New Hampshire, the family hosted a holiday party at their home. Knowing that the party would feature only beer and wine, Elizabeth made a quick jaunt to the local liquor store to purchase a bottle of Vodka (she’s Polish) with which she could concoct one of her notoriously delicious libations. As the doorbell continued to ring and the laughs grew louder, she found herself standing alone in the their kitchen, soaking in the revelry that surrounded her.

Just then, a handsome specimen caught her gaze and, slowly, maneuvered his way through the crowd in her direction. “What do you have there?” he asked pointing at her tall glass. “Svedka,” replied Elizabeth.

The two spent the rest of the night talking and then, the next evening, they continued their conversation on their first date, which unfolded over a seafood platter at Ajax's tavern and drinks at Casa Tua in downtown Aspen. The next morning, when Elizabeth was being towed to the Denver Airport after being caught in a blizzard (I-70 + two-wheel-drive rental car + AAA) she received a text message from Matt. “Will I ever see you again?” After ruminating for a minute, she replied. “I don’t know. The ball is in your court.”

Three weeks later, Matt boarded a plane in Denver and flew to visit Elizabeth at her home in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire. It was the first of countless flights that the two have taken to see each other. Then, on October 19, 2012, Matt boarded, yet, another flight to the east coast, but this time he carried a special box in his pocket. He proposed to Elizabeth at XV Beacon, a boutique hotel in Boston, where the two had stayed several times before. She said ‘yes.’ 

photographers: Emilie and Megan, emilie inc. photographyvenue, caterer: Church Landing, Meredith, New Hampshire • flowers: Linda's Flowers and Plants, Wolfeboro • band: Clockwork • dessert: Baked on Pastries, Windham • hair/make-up: Cascade Spa at Church Landinggown: Nicole Millerinvitations: Gus and Ruby Letterpresscalligraphy and seating chart: El's cardshoneymoon: Bora Bora

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