New York's PhotoPlus Expo 2013


It was fortuitous that the PhotoPlus Expo took place just days after my arrival to NYC. I decided to focus my attention on lighting and attended two great seminars by lighting gurus, Joe McNally and Michael Grecco. The two photographers use very different lighting methods but with equally stunning results.

McNally, who I've seen speak before, is the master of speedlights. Not only is an expert on positioning speedlights and combining them in various ways, but he channels MacGyver as he works, constantly problem-solving in unique ways- and with a good supply of gaffers tape.

Grecco does many large commercial shoots where he uses strobes, softboxes and grids, though for various personal projects, he may only carry one small head, either bare or with a grid. Regardless of the tools he uses, it is all about seeing the light and bending it to his will. Grecco said that he will sometimes spend 30 minutes on one frame, positioning the light so it skims the side of the body in the perfect way.

In addition to these great speakers, it was fun to tour the expo floor. As always, there were new products to see and new gear to test. There were also a number of other speakers addressing subjects from posing to post-processing techniques. One of my favorite floor speakers was Seth Resnick who spoke on the Canon stage. He was a pleasure to listen to as he showed examples of his work and explained some techniques he implemented to get each shot.

Hoping some of my emilie inc. family can join me next year!

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