Willard Beach and Portland Head Light maternity session


Julie and Adam are two of the kindest people with easy demeanors and just plain old fun to be around.  And the same goes for their dog Hank!  The weather was a beautiful sunny fall day, warm enough that Julie rocked her Reefs flip flops.  After a few shots in front of their new home, we decided to hit Willard Beach first, just down the road in South Portland, and after that head to Fort Williams Park in Cape Elizabeth.  At Willard Beach I wished I had my own Reefs, and to feel the cold sand beneath my feet, the fine granules between my toes.  One of my favorite feelings.

Julie and Adam are fairly recent transplants, having moved to Maine this past summer from Brooklyn, New York.  Julie is a Maine native and school teacher, and Adam works for Rippleffect as Director of Marketing and Adult Programs.  He educated me on Rippleffect and I had no idea about all the programming that organization does, which impresses me even more (and I now not-so-secretly want to be a guide for Rippleffect!).  Julie and Adam both used to guide, and they keep busy with various outdoor activities, including rock climbing (although not currently, given her very pregnant state!).  Ah, two folks after my own heart!

The four of us -- or five, counting the wee one in the womb -- had such a relaxing day walking along Maine's seacoast in South Portland and Cape Elizabeth.  As the sun went down at Portland Head Light and I took in the spectacular view around me, I felt the cool coastal air nip at my nose, a light wind bite at my cheeks.  All reminders as to why I love living in Maine, and why Julie and Adam longed for their move to Vacationland even throughout their years in NYC's concrete jungle.  They might have been the couple hauling a kayak up the side of their apartment building with a home-made pulley system made from climbing ropes.  And they might have lived in a tiny NYC apartment amongst all their outdoor gear, propped or hoisted just so to make room for themselves.  Clearly these two need to live in Maine.

Julie and Adam, thanks so much for letting me spend the afternoon with you.  I loved our time together and getting to know you.  I can't wait to meet the little one… whenever she decides to make her arrival into this world in the coming weeks!  Keep me posted!  Hugs to you both and scratches to Hank!

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