Happy Birthday, Nicole!


Tuesday morning is the day when our photographers bring their images to the office from the previous week/weekend's events, portrait sessions or weddings. We've designated an hour at the beginning of the day for "drive drop-offs," as we call them (since they are, quite literally, turning their images in on an external harddrive), and for a staff meeting to chat about everyone's shoots, go over any studio news, discuss the upcoming schedule and such. It's a great time to catch up and goodness, reminds me of how lucky I am to have such a wonderful team. Today we surprised Nicole with some yummalicious chocolate cupcakes with purple frosting- Will's exact request- for her birthday!! Tho Will was at school and missed our staff meeting celebration, we had a follow-up one just as soon as he was home (his little voice singing- just too cute!). Megan was able to join us from New York via FaceTime (love technology!)! She showed us around her apartment and made us all feel extra happy to have her "with" us back in the office for a bit. Happy Birthday, Nicole, and Happy Tuesday to you all!

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